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Kitchen & Bathrooms

When deciding on a new kitchen there are some key aspects to consider, one is to identify how you used your existing kitchen, question how the old layout suited your needs, what worked, what didn't, and how it could be improved. Each kitchen has the ability to present its own challenges and these usually come down to the size and shape of the room, how it will function and the specific needs of the individual. At Entire Homes our goal is to fully understand each of these requirements and provide free expert advise, with 3D plans to ensure that your new room ticks all the boxes.

Another key aspect to consider when planning your new room is your total budget which would include any other building work that may be required. It is true that a new kitchen or bathroom will undoubtably add value to your property, however we also understand that this may not always provide all clients with the necessary level of comfort, especially if you have no plans to sell your property any time soon. With this in mind, we work tirelessly to meet most budgets using a mixture of well organised project planning (minimising cost), and also by sourcing a large range of quality products and prices to choose from, including Australian made cabinets, European hardware and a variety of appliance brands to suit most budgets.

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Economical Options

Need to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank? Why not have a facelift and save $1000's.... We can use your existing cabinets and install new doors and benchtops to bring fresh life back into your kitchen. Prices starting from just $8,000 (plus gst).

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Custom Cabinets

We offer a range of custom cabinetry services to suit your kitchen and bathroom needs. All custom jobs are handcrafted to the highest quality. We can also craft custom cabinets to suit your home office, laundry, living room and much more.

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Complete Replacement

We can renovate your existing kitchen or bathroom, or perform a complete replacement. We can help you add value to your home with a new, fresh and modern design, with a range of new appliance options.

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